The board that is manufactured from gypsum and covered with paper on both sides to be used in construction of walls or suspended floor, is generally known as “drywall” in daily language. Gypsum board, which is a light, fire-resistant and sound insulating material, is widely used in construction and decoration works since it is easy to give the desired shape and it is easy and fast to apply it.

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No matter how high-quality is the water used in the swimming pool at the beginning,  the water becomes dirty in time with external dust, leaves and various materials and various other pollutants such as the sweat, sun lotions and flaking skins of swimmers. The pool water turns into a polluted water where bacteria easily reproduce and moss accumulates if water preparation procedures are not performed. In order to remove all the pollutants and recover the water to a swimmable state again, the pool must be subjected to a series of procedures.