Shower cabin is a type of cabin that is fitted with glass, mica or similar plastic materials within its aluminum or plastic frame that is installed around the shower or the bathtub, the front doors of which can move on a rail, that prevents water from splashing and that keeps the vapor inside. Shower cabins are grouped into three main categories: mica shower cabins, tempered glass shower cabins and compact shower cabins. Compact Shower Cabins are a luxurious cabin models that have hit the market in the recent years. These are such systems that automatically adjust the water temperature, feature hydro-massage (hot tub), spray pressurized water from 25 separate nozzles and are equipped with a telephone, CD player, radio and ventilation.

Tempered Glass Shower Cabins, also known as glass shower cabins, are fitted with 4 mm, 6 mm or 8 mm thick glasses. These glass shower cabins that offer decorative or transparent break-resistant glass varieties are called tempered glass shower cabins. Mica (Polystyrene) Shower Cabins are made of polystyrene, which is an artificial derivative of plastic that is produced with certain styrene molecules that bind and form a chain. It has a colorless and transparent structure. Since it is resistant to alcohol and acids, it is widely used in shower cabinets. Polystyrene shower cabins come in oval, square and wall-partition models. Polystyrene (mica) shower cabins are affordable shower cabins that fall into economical series of shower cabins.