Solar panel is a source of energy that has numerous solar cells that absorb the solar energy.

A system equipped with 6-30 panels (1000 Watts) can supply the power needs of a house whereas a system of 3000 watts can provide for an entire building in average size. Large systems consisting of thousands of solar panels are installed for industrial applications and power plants. The performance of a solar cell is measured with output. The output is determined by the percentage of the energy converted into useable electricity out of the energy it receives.

Only the light in certain wavelengths can be converted into electricity; the remaining large amount is absorbed or reflected by the material that make up the cell. The panels are directed in different angles to face the sun depending on the season to derive the most output in any season.

Photovoltaic system, also solar photovoltaic power system, or PV system, is designed to supply useable solar power by means of photovoltaics. It consists of combination of several components including solar panels that absorb and convert sunlight into electricity. The solar inverter changes the electric current from direct current to alternative current. The setup of a working system comprises similar mounting, cabling and other electrical accessories. Furthermore, this system increases its overall performance with a solar tracking system and includes an integrated battery solution. On the other hand, the storage fees have been greater than expected. As a matter of fact, a solar array only comprises an ensemble of solar panels.

Photovoltaic system converts the sunlight into useable energy. This system comprises the solar array and the balance of system components. Photovoltaic system can be categorized by various aspects. These are building-integrated vs. rack-mounted systems, grid-connected vs. stand-alone systems, residential vs. utility systems, distributed vs. centralized systems, rooftop vs. ground-mounted systems, tracking vs. fixed-tilt systems and new constructed vs. retrofitted systems.